Monday, June 10, 2019


Hello all this is my review of they call me Cass im from Miami and i promised skimming devices i would make a review for him if he was legit. i received my gsm data receiver skimmer equipment. im still new to the skimming game and i did make some small money with it. im still learning how to use it.

i paid 7000 plus bitcoin fees on 03/06/2019 and was told in an email i was getting my skimmer in three days

proof of email

now when i was waiting for my skimmer there was a review made on skimming devices and i checked skimming devices website and he said it was not a real review i was freaking out until i got assurance from other ppl who got there skimmer before me.

i waited and keep checking the tracking number religiously and finally it came in a box from europe  and everything was there and then i checked everything on that list was in the box.

connected the usb to my pc that was sent and software's were there. put my name on picture so no one can try to steal it.

the bank scanner software is the one that connects to your gsm and takes data
and the chip software makes it work when you cash out from the atm.

i set my gsm to 23 Freq in the manual it says 23 Freq is for north america
it says in manual for other places like europe its 15 Freq and other places are 11 Freq and 13 Freq..

i dont know shit about computers but this device is easy if you read the manual.

here is picture of what i got .

here is video of what i got

so yea thats my experience with 

so fuck anyone for trying to direct me to other ppl and trying to rip me off .all the places selling this for a grand can go fuck yourselfs im not falling for it is legit is legit